John E. Osborne II (JEOII)



(Verb) To do something in a new way. To have new ideas about how something can be done


(Noun) A person who specializes in technology



(Noun) The position or function of a leader: The period during which a person occupies the position of leader. The ability to lead. The leader of a group or organization.

Thornton May. Futurist, Author, Educator

"The essence of leadership is courage. Courage is John Osborne's middle name. He looks bureaucratic inertia in the face and vaults right over it. This man has vision, supra-normal intellect and a deep wisdom regarding how organizations think and change. If you want to understand the future, John should be one of the first phone calls you make."

Mike Krieger, Managing Director - Pride Technologies

"John was a creative and innovative manager while serving as the Technical Systems Manager at the Kroger Company. Through process refinement John was able to design and implement new processes that enabled a higher level of customer satisfaction, rapid deployment of technologies while lowering the overall cost of TCO for the Kroger Company. The processes defined by John are still in place today and recognized as best practices for Kroger."

Mike Maddox, PhD., CHFP

"John is a consummate professional. He's one of those people that you want to have on the project team because you know he's going to get things done and will ALWAYS do what he says he's going to do. There are few enough people whom you can take at their word. John is one of those people. In addition to his technical and project skills, he's intellectually curious (which is important to us geeks) and a lot of fun to hang out with."